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About SCAR

In 1985 Bob Lapete was given last rites as he lay in a coma, not expected to live. But he did, and after two years of physical therapy to learn how to walk and talk again, Bob felt he had lived through it all for a reason. He was left with a permanent limp and slurry speech which has become a valuable teaching tool in his SCAR program. When he walks around on the stage during his presentation, his audience is reminded of the permanent consequences that could happen to them if they were driving drunk.Bob decided to tell his own personal story in a one man show and eventually named it SCAR, Second Chance and Recovery, because of the emotional and physical scars he has had to overcome as a result of his choices. Since 1987 he has told his story of substance abuse at an early age and how in the beginning wrong choices usually came from peer pressure and the need to be included and loved.

He talks about how being "cool" was so important, but inside he knew his self-esteem was zero. Not knowing how to help himself out of this downward spiral, he continued to use and abuse alcohol and drugs as a way to cope. Bob takes them through his middle school and high school years, from trying marijuana and beer at first then moving on to other drugs.


By his senior year his daily addiction to alcohol eventually lead to his DUI accident at age 25. Bob has spoken to thousands of students since he first began his SCAR program, bringing its message to schools and organizations throughout the Northern New England states. Peer pressure at school, the need to be accepted and fit within a social group, and how family life could often exaggerate these needs, are some of the topics that Bob covers in his own personal story.


A typical presentation runs 50-55 minutes in length. Each presentation is followed by a question and answer session which invites the audience to explore the issues further. He also makes himself available for smaller group sessions if the school wants to plan them into the day following his assembly presentation.


"We've been lucky at Sanford High School for the past 20 years to have had Bob Lapete be a part of our Sophomore Awareness Program which is co-chaired by Diana Walker  and Sue Lamoreau.

Every year he touches the hearts of many of our students with his inspirational and sincere message. Many kids open up about their own stories soon after this presentation. He makes a tremendous impact."

Woofey is our SCAR mascot

SCAR is honest. It is motivational. But above all, it is absolutely REAL!

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