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We all know it is against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to buy, be in possession of, or drink alcohol, but we also know many kids under the legal age do. We know, too, that many adults drink too much. After all, being “legal” doesn't mean you’re all of a sudden smart! Drinking too much is also against the law if you are driving, no matter how old you are! As a result, in addition to breaking the law, you are making yourself vulnerable to the many problems that alcohol can cause in your life.

For example, whether you're a student or an adult, some people who are normally shy in social situations use alcohol to help them loosen up, relax, and be "cool". Unfortunately, most of them also end up making fools of themselves by doing or saying things that they might regret the next day! Here are some facts that might help us make better choices when it comes to alcohol.



  1. Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream and affects every system in your body.

  2. Heavy drinking can permanently damage your liver, causing cirrhosis and even cancer.

  3. Children who are raised in an alcoholic family are at greater risk of becoming alcoholics.

  4. Too much alcohol can lower the amount of testosterone in a male body and can eventually cause impotence.

  5. Heavy drinking over a long period of time can really play a number in the entire body. Loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, sexual impotence, liver damage, stomach problems, damage to the heart and central nervous system, and memory loss are some of the things prolonged drinking can cause.

  6. And, if that isn't bad enough, alcohol is one of the leading causes of serious injuries and death


If you are even asking the question, chances are you already know most of the facts we have listed below. But, just in case, we’ve listed some ways to help you become more aware.

  1. If a party or special occasion is not “special” without the presence of alcohol to help you celebrate.

  2. If once you begin to drink, you can’t stop - “just one more, then I’ll stop. . . .”

  3. If you use alcohol to escape problems or calm your nerves.

  4. If you use alcohol to help change how you think others might perceive you.

  5. If you have a high tolerance level - are you the person who can drink everyone under the table?

  6. If you don’t remember too much from the night before - remember driving home last night?

  7. If your friends or family are always concerned for your safety when you are getting ready to leave.


Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, affecting virtually every organ in the human body. An addiction to alcohol can lead to diseases that would otherwise not be a problem in your life, including HIV/AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Alcohol lowers your inhibition and impairs your judgment - for example, an unwanted pregnancy is usually the result of risky behaviors and unhealthy choices made while under the influence.

Alcohol “dumbs” you down - you are less coordinated, your reaction time is slower, and the senses that help you taste, see, feel, and hear are dulled down when you consume alcohol. Despite all the information that is easily available to us today, alcohol still remains the number one substance used and abused by students from 8th through 12 grade. It is directly related to many of the traffic deaths that occurred to those between the ages of 15 to 20.


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