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Letters From You

Sometimes the best endorsements of what we are doing and its effect on kids today is hearing from them in their own words. Here is a small sampling of letters I have received from both students and staff from local high schools.

An 8th Grader

I am happy that you came to our school to talk to us. Now, because I know the price I might have to pay for getting drunk, I won't be as tempted by alcohol. I am really sorry about what happened to you and your friends, that you had to go through such an awful time. What you told us really moved me. Thank you for telling us about a big mistake we might make, and sharing your mistake and experiences with us today. I'll always remember your talk to us and look back on it if people offer me a drink. That I can promise you!

10th Graders

A group of eager sophomores, overtaken by cold and boredom, listened all day to elders recite the effects of drugs to us. I really wasn't paying much attention until you were introduced to us. It was different. It was a man whose voice had been affected by the combination of drinking and driving. As we sat and listened, a few of us were getting watery eyes because your story affected us all. Now when we're faced with the decision of taking a drink or doing drugs when they are offered to us, we will be reminded of what can happen and how alcohol can permanently change our lives as it did yours. Thank you for coming. You definitely made a difference!

Staff Members

Letter From
Peter M. Jean
Alvirne High School

Dear Bob, 
I would like to take the opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude to you for coming in to speak to our classes regarding your personal experience with alcohol, chemical dependency and DWI. It’s one thing to be a health teacher and try to discuss the issues that surround the use, misuse and abuse of alcohol, but it is another thing to have someone who can speak from personal experience. We try very hard to encourage our students to make positive decisions during their lives, however, kids sometimes just don’t listen to logic and reason. Your presentation gave them a life experience that they couldn’t just blow off. It was real and they knew it.

I also want you to know that I truly admire your courage for coming forward and opening up the way you did. You have a very nice manner with teens, and it is easy to see why our students take to you every semester. Your character speaks volumes with the honesty and integrity that you present.

It was our pleasure to have you once again as a guest in our classes. I hope that you would give consideration to returning again in the future. It is always nice to have guest speakers to break up the monotony of everyday school life, but especially nice to have someone with such a positive and appropriate message as yours.

Thank you once again, 
Peter M. Jean

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